Our Story

Obviously, we love finding solutions to your problems!

Creating a brand that brings to you affordable, yet durable and beautiful pieces was a result of dedication, research and hard work.
The drive? Since the founder of Clé de Lune is a woman, the brand was founded based on a struggle she lived.

Behind the Brand...

" I’ve always been drawn to jewelry. A jewelry box wasn’t enough to keep my pieces organized.

As collecting jewelry was a hobby, I couldn’t always buy gold pieces, especially if I wanted to stay on trend. So, I resorted to accessories. Despite loving the designs I chose, I was disappointed to find that they turned my fingers green on the first day I wore them.

Gold plating was a solution in between, but I often found myself removing my rings in public restrooms to protect them and ended up losing them. One day, I decided that I won’t compromise any longer. I was determined to find a solution.

That's why I created Clé de Lune, the water-resistant brand offering beautiful, trendy, and low-maintenance pieces that won't break the bank. For all women facing the same struggles, I'm happy to announce that beautiful, affordable, and durable jewelry does exist. 

No more compromises! "

Sahar Gabriel ~ Founder of Clé de Lune

We gladly announce,

The era of removing your jewelry and forgetting them in a public toilet, now over! You can enjoy your jewelry for a longer period of time at affordable prices! 

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Sun Goddess Gold Plated Necklace


Shine your light in this world!

You are special. The world needs your uniqueness. Confidence and style are what makes the same jewelry piece look different on every woman. Don’t be afraid to show your character, jewelry is an expression of who you are.

Classy, minimalistic, fashionista, funky? Be loud about it without saying a word.

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